Celebrate 10 years of Firefox!

#ChooseIndependent #fx10

For 10 years, Firefox has been the only choice that is truly independent, that doesn't answer to industry, shareholder or any other corporate interests. Help us let the world know about Firefox!

Two ways to get involved

Help spread Firefox Online!

Let's make sure Firefox is known to the millions of internet users around the world! Here are ways you can get social, spread your love for Firefox and get people to #ChooseIndependent on #fx10.

Get Social!

  • Share the awesome Firefox 10 Year Anniversary video!
  • Embed the video onto your website or blog using this
  • Change your profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and more to this avatar. Download Avatar
  • Join the conversation on Twitter! #ChooseIndependent #fx10

Go Digital!

  • Become a Firefox Affiliate! Get your own Firefox banner and flaunt it! Join Now!
  • Wear the fire with #fx10 Wallpapers! Add some Firefox love to all your devices. Download Wallpapers
  • Embrace your inner Engager! If you have a friend who has lots of friends (a friend with reach, per se), reach out to them! Maybe they're a local celebrity, or maybe they're your brother.
    • Ask them to visit this page and get involved!
    • Ask them to share this participation page to encourage even more participation!
  • Get your Firefox 10 badge! Apply here!

Get involved offline

Take a photo or a video!

  • Pick an iconic landmark near you.Example: Eiffel tower in Paris!
  • Try to wear Firefox gear or anything that is blue and orange.
  • Print the #fx10 sign or make it yourself. Fill it in and bring it with you. Download signs
  • Bring your friends, rally those around you, hold up the sign, put on your Firefox ears and take a picture or record a video.
  • Share iteverywhere!Caption your picture or video with: "Firefox is my independent choice in [city or country]! #ChooseIndependent and #fx10"

Can't make it outside? Create a photo or video!

  • Find a picture of your local landmark or somewhere you always wanted to go. (make sure you have the rights to the picture) Now edit yourself in! Get creative!
  • SHARE on your social networks and caption your picture or video with: "Firefox is my independent choice in [city or country]! #ChooseIndependent and #fx10"